Plaza Foz is a musical theatre, which features typical songs and dances of the Paraguayan, Brazilian and Argentine’s folklore. Daily presentations, except Mondays with the capacity for 250 people.
It is also possible to include a dinner. We suggest as a starter date palm with Golf salad, and for the main course, sirloin with gravy/ sauté potatoes/ white rice , and for dessert pineapple with ice-cream and cream.

It is a self-service meat restaurant which has a variety of songs and dances: Paraguay( Polka-dance and music) Bolivia(instrumental), Argentina(Dance)Mexico(instrumental) and Brazil(Samba and Mulatas). Capacity for 1200 people, it features 14 varieties of salads, 10 varieties of main course and 8 varieties of desserts.
Open daily, except on Sunday evenings.
Afro-Brazilian folklore music, featuring as main attraction the Mulatas and the Sambistas.
Open daily, except on Sundays. Capacity for 220 people. Dinner is not served.
Thematic place exclusive for groups. In advance reservations requested.. It features thematic show and dinner (Gaucho Folklore and 3 Frontiers: Brazil-Gauchos, Paraguay-Polka, Argentina-Tango).
The great Yguazú Casino is a luxurious one, with a great variety of games like roulette, card games, dice, coin machines etc. Also a restaurant with international cuisine and American bar.


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