It is the biggest tourist centre of the South of the country, world wide known as the land of the Falls.
Ecological city, Foz do Iguazu is the paradise of the natural beauty. It is limited by the boundaries made with Argentina and Paraguay, south-western of the State of Parana,. Currently with 260 thousand inhabitants, it has the 3rd hotel complex in the country, possess more than 23,000 rooms. It is good to point out that the city is known by its professional customer service due to the fact that the Tourism is the main source of development of the city, a place where Brazilian, Argentine and Paraguayan get together to offer all the visitors the best of the region of the three frontiers
The paradise of the butterflies, sunshine, adventures, modern engineering, as well as the exuberant forest of the Yguassú National Park, which is the Humanitarian Natural Patrimony, housing the amazing Yguassú Falls, with all its splendour.
This is Foz do Iguazu city, the beginning of Brazil, which nature is graced by the almighty Lord.

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