One of the most important history marks of the Jesuit Missions, located in Argentina, 260Km from Foz do Iguazu.
The history tells us the work the Spanish priests did together with the Guarani aborigines of that time, catechising them, teaching the culture of plantations, craftsmanship, religion and education. Providing them with all the social and human conditions, place in which a city was formed. The constructions were made of stones, by the aboriginal workforce.
These ruins are considered one of the best monuments in state of preservation.
Access by a Federal Argentine Road, totally paved, a 4 hours trip. Distance 25Km from the district capital of Misiones. Tour length: A whole day.
Duração deste tour: Dia inteiro.

Suggestion for the program
After breakfast, depart towards the San Ignácio Ruins, going through the Fraternity Bridge (frontier Brazil/Argentina), getting the Federal Argentina road, totally paved. During the trip, apart from the wonderful tropical panorama, Pine, Tealeaves and Mate plantations can be seen.


Arrival at the San Ignácio Ruins. Visit
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Return, with a quick stop at Wanda, place where there are semi precious stones mining, like amethyst, topaz ,etc.  
Arrival at the hotel


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