Located on the far west of the State of Parana, it spreads 170,000 ha on the Brazilian side and 55,000 ha on the Argentine side.
The National Park on the Brazilian side was created in 1939 by the decree 1035 from the Federal Government. It is located in the basin of the Iguassu River, the biggest hydro-graphic basin of this very state. It represents one of the last sites of natural renewable sources protected in the west of the state.
The type of vegetation which prevails is the Subtropical Rainforest and the Araucaria Forest. It also features Palm trees, Pine trees of Parana, Imbuia, Caviuva, Yerba Mate herb, and so forth. Although many species have been reduced to a small population, the fauna is still very predominant in the park.
Despite the world wide famous Iguassu Falls, the region of the National Park has still more attractions to offer, such as ecological tracks and far much appealing tours for admirers of flora and fauna.


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