Canopy Tour

        The Canopy Tour is divided into four activity areas,

        Low Elements: there are 11 obstacles built into eucalyptus trunks with seel cables and cord, with maximum height of 50 centimeters from the ground.
        - Duration- approximately 45 minutes.
         High Elements: there are a sequence of 12 obstacles that reach a maximum height of 8 meters, spread out around a circuit inside the forest. The circuit ends with a zip line of 25 meters.
        - Duration- approximately 45 minutes.
         Pamper Pole: the visitor can also try out the "cat jump" also known as the pamper pole an extra obstacle of the circuit with a height of 12 meters.
        - Duration- approximately 30 minutes.
         Indoor Climbing: the climbing wall has a sequence of wall faces with several degrees of difficulty from very easy to difficult, enabling the visitor to choose the place where he wants to accomplish the climb. The wall has a height of 7 meters and canbe used simultaneously by 6 persons.
        - Duration- approximately 30 minutes..


        To do the abseiling the visitor will proceed down an elevated trail inside the forest to a platform. The descend from the abseiling platform is 55m with fantstic view of the Iguassu Falls.
        Prior to doing the abseiling all of the visitors wil receive instruction from specialized guides, that will inform them about all of the safety rules and instructions. The abseiling can be done simultaneously by two persons.
        Duration- approximately 45 minutes.


        The Rafting on the Iguassu River consistes of a 4 km boat ride down the river, being 1 km of rapids and 3 km of calm waters where it is possible to swim in the river. You begin right next to the cataratas with a magnificent view of the falls.
        The rapids are considered a class III which a medium level, accessible to people up to 14 years old.
         Duration: the rafting has a duration of about I or 40 minutes, bing divided by a 15 minutes walk, 10 minutes of safety instructions, 10 minutes of procedure, 35 minutes of descent and 30 minutes to arrive in the headquarters of Macuco.

         Support Boat: during the rafting operation a support boat is used that always accompanies the descent, equipped with rescue cords that help in case something unexpedted happens.

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       Rock Climbing

        We' ve made abailable over 30 different routes withfixed and movable protectors for sport climbing orf traditional climbing. The routes have heights that very from 10 to 30 meters, in basalt rock, whyich gives good adherece while being easy on the hands.
        The necessary equipament the visitors can get at the Field Challenges. The equipament provided includes the harness, carbine, helmet and rope. This equipament follow the norms of the Int'I Union of the Associations of Mountaineers.
        Durations between 2 to 5 hour.

         For the practice of the actvities it is advisable the use of light and comfortable clothing as well as light and comfortable shoes. It is very important to take water.

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